Monday, May 11, 2009

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The Supers Technical Association of
New York Makes “Supers Super” Good at what they do.

New York, NY – [May 10, 2009] -, or better known as the STA is the official website of the Superintendents Technical Association. Online since 1998, this association boasts thousands of members wanting to excel in their jobs, whether they are handymen, porters and/or vendors of supplies and services, but membership doesn’t end there. Membership also consists of managing agents, owners of buildings and members of coop and condo boards. This is the place to join if you are passionate about what you do, want to succeed and want to be the best that you can be. If you want your building to be a better building, STA is the place for you.

By joining the STA, you will have access to a forum where you can exchange ideas, Network, and also belong to an organization that is gaining a national reputation on a daily basis. You will also be able to carry a membership card that shows that you are committed to success in whatever technical area that you are in within this field. However, this just taps on what is available to you as a member of this association. If you are in this field, then it is a must to join, as this site is filled with informative links, questions and answers, courses to take, certifications, articles, a newsletter and so much more. “
Come and see what STA can do for you. Use our experience and talents to your advantage.” Peter Grech, Director of Education and Development Services.

Who should join?

1. Building superintendents, handymen and porters who want to excel in their jobs. With your suggestions and help, we will find the topics of interest about which YOU want to learn more, and concentrate on them.

2. Vendors of supplies and services to residential buildings are welcome to join as Associate Members, networking with other vendors and with building maintenance personnel who, in many cases, influence the selection of products and services.

3. Building Managers and Co-operative Board Members who want to be educated, or who want their building employees to be educated, in all facets of building maintenance, dealing with residents and working with managers.

4. Individuals from all states are able to join this association, and are not limited to just
New York residents.

Founded in
New York, NY in 1998, The STA is committed to working to educate, help, support and encourage professionalism for building superintendents, resident managers, handypersons, and other building support personnel. More information about The STA can be found at:

For additional information contact:

Peter Grech


Tel: 212 867 1929

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