Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is an interesting take on what doorman actually is...while it is not in the job description, it surely makes sense.


What am I exactly?
I am a therapist.
I am a babysitter.
I am a friend.
I am a companion.
I am a wake-up call.
I am a weather reporter.
I am a dog walker.
I am a cat sitter.
I am an apartment sitter.
I am a mailman.
I am a conversationalist.
I am a a sponge for complaints.
I am a link between the super & residents.
I am the first line of defense.
I am the last to leave in an emergency.
I am a New York City doorman.
But at home I am what I am, just a man.

All Visitors MUST be Announced!

Why do people assume that when they call the resident they're visiting
on the phone while entering my building that they can just walk
through without being announced.


That sign on top that's in every lobby of a doorman building is there
for a reason!!!!!

Source: http://doormaninthecity.blogspot.com/index.html